Our Mission

Violence against women and girls is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world. Gender-based violence (GBV) is based on socially ascribed differences between males and females. While men and boys can be victims/survivors of some types of GBV (particularly sexual violence), GBV has a greater impact on women and girls. It undermines the health, dignity, security and autonomy of its victims, yet it remains shrouded in a culture of silence. Cutting across ethnicity, race, class, religion, education level, and international borders GBV is derived from unequal power relationships between men and women. Violence is directed specifically against a woman because she is a woman. An estimated one in three women worldwide have been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her/their lifetime. 

Our Intention

address the impact of gender-based violence in a framework of intersectionality and decolonization grounded in feminist theory


remain a valued stakeholder in our community's coordinated social response to eliminate sexualized violence


promote community inclusion through grassroots social action to increase Community's understanding of Itself as an integral partner in reducing gender-based violence


embrace the growing global movement of allied men as a vital resource for reducing and eliminating all forms of violence against women and young girls

Our Logo

Gender Violence

to preserve the dignity and value of self-identified women and gender diverse persons by providing services in an anti-oppressive culturally responsive framework grounded in feminist theory addressing gender-based violence and its impact on women, youth and families in the Cowichan Valley.

This 'spiral goddess' represents Eternal Woman. The spiral depicts the perpetual motion of Woman's creativity. We are life givers and are to be honoured for our inherent creative power that seeks balance. She is holding up the heart of Creation for this is what Woman does; we are natural nurturers caring for all life on Mother Earth.

Warmland Women's

      Support Services Society 

      Sexual Assault Advocacy Centre

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