Men As Allies

"If we can get the majority of men who don't use violence against women to speak to the minority of men who do, we know that social change will happen."


There is a growing global movement of men coming forward as allies to end violence against women, men who recognize that violence against women is just as much a men’s issue, men who challenge toxic masculinity, because patriarchy hurts everyone. When men lose status for being bystanders to violence against women, when men lose status in their own peer culture for being abusive, violent, or for objectifying women, when men gain status for speaking out, when it becomes cool for men to speak out against other men about the sexual exploitation of women, when men as allies become the mentors other men seek approval from that's when violence against women will end because it is men ending violence against women.


Warmland Women's

      Support Services Society 

      Sexual Assault Advocacy Centre

Growing Global Movement of Allied Men

Allied Men's Resources

There has been confusion as well as a lack of leadership for how men should respond to violence against women. Society has not taught men how to effectively respond to other men’s use of violence. We live in a culture of hyper masculinity where men and young boys (and young girls) are inundated with images and messaging that sexually objectifies women's bodies, and models behaviours that demonstrate what it means to be a tough guy. Men need to redefine true masculinity and we in turn need to support them to do that.

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