Warmland Women's

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      Sexual Assault Advocacy Centre

Support Services

Information and Emotional Support Line


Conversations are Confidential*

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00


* limits of confidentiality will be discussed during phone support

Strategies for Maintaining Safety

Risk Factors in Relationship

Information for the Accused

If you have been charged with assaulting or threatening  your intimate partner and you have applied to have the no-contact condition amended, we can discuss strategies with you for maintaining safety during post-incident contact. This service is offered at the Duncan law courts during DV Court hours.


"Strategies for Maintaining Safety" will explore:

          Points of Agency

          Escalation Cues

          Escalation Responses

          Barriers to Maintaining Safe Contact

          External Supports for De-escalation

"Strategies for Maintaining Safety" Is...

* an invitation for the Accused to be an active participant in

  safety planning rather than a passive bystander

* a brief (15-20 min.) discussion

* a focus on post-incident contact only

* strengths-based decsion making embracing choice

* strategies for self-management

* options for healthy communication


"Strategies for Maintaining Safety" Is Not...

* an offender treatment program

* anger management

* legal advice

* disclosure of details contained in the Information

* a discussion of power & control in relationship or the

  dynamics of intimate partner violence

* a safety plan

* a guarantee of complainant safety

Information for the Complainant (Victim)

If you have been assaulted or threatened by your intimate partner and your partner has applied to have the no-contact condition amended, the Domestic Violence court requires a safety plan before changes to contact conditions can be considered. We can help you with your safety plan.


"Risk Factors in Relationship" will explore:

          History of the Accused

          Current Factors of the Accused

          Complainant Vulnerabilities

          Complainant Rights


"Risk Factors in Relationship" Is...

* confidential - details are not shared with RCMP,

  Victim Services, Crown prosecutor, defense counsel,

  designated DV Court staff, the Accused, Ministry of

  Children & Family Development, or any other external


* grounded in feminist theory applying a critical analysis of

  men's use of violence in intimate partner relationships

* places the Complainant at the centre of the decision making


* informed by the Complainant's past successes of navigating

  risk in the relationship

* considers the impact of abuse, isolation and social barriers

* recognizes that safety planning is fluid because risk factors



"Risk Factors in Relationship" Does Not...

* have any bearing on criminal court outcomes when a guilty

  verdict has been entered or during sentencing

Crime Victim Assistance

Relationship Violence

Sexualized Assault

Sexual Exploitation




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