Gardener or Harvester?

a horticultural analogy to valuing women in intimate partner relationships

an interactive discussion of oppression in 2SLGBTQAI+ and  gender diverse communities

Privilege For Sale

a fun and interactive game show style discussion of affirmative consent in youth dating relationships

Consent is Not a Game

becoming more than a bystander to intimate partner and

sexualized violence in the Cowichan Valley

The Evolution of Community

survivor's responses to sexualized violence as masterful adaptations to intolerable circumstances

Trauma Informed Care

building skills for service providers to receive disclosures of

intimate partner or sexualized violence

Safe Disclosure

building a continuum of healthy-unhealthy-abusive behaviours in youth dating relationships

navigating female workplace harassment through a feminist lens

Women Who Bully

Healthy Me, Healthy Relationship

Women Who Bully

Warmland Women's

      Support Services Society 

      Sexual Assault Advocacy Centre

Workshops & Groups

We develop curriculum and facilitate workshops for local community members under the umbrella of grassroots social action events.


We facilitate in-service trainings to social responders providing service to women and young girls who may be experiencing or are at risk of relationship abuse and/or violence, sexualized assault or exploitation.


We provide co-facilitation of psycho-educational support groups for agencies seeking a feminist analysis of gender-based violence with a focus on strengths.


We invite you to join us for a community-based response to gender violence in the Cowichan Valley!




"Seeing Myself - Tools for Self-Directed Trauma Recovery"

A 4 hour workshop for women survivors of sexualized abuse and/or violence. Learn mindfulness practices, expressive arts and creative writing as tools to navigate the internal landscape of emotion. Trauma-informed self-discovery transforms the impact of gender-based violence into resilience, hope and celebration. We call ourselves home to the sanctuary of our own sacred Heart.

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