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Kendra Thomas

Society Coordinator

Warmland Women's Support Services Society

Crime Victim Assistance

Relationship Violence Sexualized Assault Sexual Exploitation





Information and Emotional Support Line


  • Experiencing abuse or violence in your relationship?
  • Unsure if it's a healthy relationship?
  • Feel confused about what to do?
  • Fearful of sexual exploitation?
  • Unsure how to protect yourself?
  • Have you recently experienced a sexualized assault?
  • Want to report a "Bad Date"?
  • Want to end your use of abuse in your intimate partner relationship?


Conversations are confidential*

Monday-Friday 9:00 - 5:00


*limits to confidentiality will be discussed during phone support


Our Location

Belcarra Professional Centre

331 St. Julien Street

Duncan, BC

by appointment only

tel: 250-710-8177


Warmland Women's

      Support Services Society 

      Sexual Assault Advocacy Centre


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