Sexual Assault Advocacy Centre

Warmland Women's Support Services Society

“The greatest gift
you have to give
is that of your own

Lao Tzu

“Become your
identity because
only you being you
can and will carry
you through to your
which is your

“”You stood up for
accountability. You
refused to enable
denial. You brought
an end to a toxic
era. That is what
Love does. Do you see
the magnitude of
your own impact?”


In partnership with the Island Health Forensic Nurse Examiner, SARP Advocates provide 24/7 crisis accompaniment to Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith and Nanaimo hospitals for survivors seeking urgent forensic medical care. SARP FNE crisis accompaniment includes practical and emotional support, information, response planning for next-step actions, coordination for wraparound services, and follow-up support.

SARP provides non-crisis accompaniment to medical and/or criminal justice services for survivors of gender-based violence.

SARP is free and confidential.


Our client-centered approach places survivors at the centre of their own decision-making, restores personal power, and ensures services foster agency and resilience. Response-based Practice© recognizes survivors’ responses to oppression/abuse as attempts to prevent, reduce or stop violence and protect dignity and self-respect.

Trauma-informed care recognizes survivors’ coping strategies as survival adaptations and attempts at solutions, and views survivors as resilient, strong, and courageous.

We are registered counselors with the Crime Victim Assistance Program. CVAP covers counseling fees on approved claims. We offer reduced rates for non-CVAP clients.


Transformation Through Movement is a conscious movement practice to music resetting chronic stress response states such as fight/flight anxiety. TTM is a therapeutic somatic approach to trauma recovery regardless of age and ability.

Creatively Writing Our Recovery uses compassionate inquiry to explore trauma-created beliefs, emotions, and states of being and calm the nervous system to reduce fight/flight tension, hypervigilance, and anxiety.

Calling Ourselves Home Indigenous-specific trauma-informed yoga is a gentle introduction to embodiment increasing survivors’ thresholds for emotional disturbance.

Trauma recovery groups are free and confidential.

“Seeking support is a
courageous step into
the unknown.. Trust
your inner voice.
Trust your
Heart Song.”